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Harmonious, aesthetic, simple and Swedish at its best

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The gustavian style

In the 1750s, france originated the style that was named Louis Seize style after the reigning King Louis XVI.

Gustav 3 resided in 1771 in Paris, where he was inspired by French art and fashion style. With that in the luggage he had, a strong desire, to introduce something similar in Sweden.

Gustav 3, influenced the style far more than the French king had done, therefore the Gustavian style. Sweden had fine craftmen with high quality craftsmanship. Therefore the style is harmonious aesthetic and simple.

The Gustavian style, has been in vogue ever since, and is incredibly popular especially in England but also France and USA, have great love for the Gustavian style.

Original furniture is often fragile and precious, but since the style has been very popular, there have always been made Gustavian furniture.

Furniture from 1850 to 1910 has great quality and durability. Since they have not yet reached the age where they can not be used in everyday life.

Price and age are inextricably linked, the older and rarer the higher the price. And of course supply and demand play very much in favor.

The Gustavian style is Swedes at their best.

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